Monday, March 8, 2010

In love with Tawashis

My mother-n-law has these great scrubbies aka tawashis that one of the aunties makes. I have been intrigued with them. My attempts to recreate them without a pattern have been fruitless. I have not been able to find the exact pattern, but have found some really cute alternatives...

Lately, I have been crocheting these cute Apple Tawashis by Lion Brand Yarns.  They are super simple to make. After making the first one, I pretty much memorized the pattern. I made the apple slice larger by adding more rounds since you are folding it in half.

My first foray into crochet tawashis was this one from Granny Judith:
 I'm not 100% sure that I am finishing them correctly, but they work.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Forever21's Autumn Beanie

Here's another project that I will have to attempt without a pattern. It looks like it is knitted in the round, starting with rib knit and then using increases, contrast purls, yarn overs, and culminating in mass decreases.

Pete's Narrative Yarn: A new blogger site?

I am contemplating starting a new textile-driven blog.  But do I really need another blogger account to separate my Triathlon life from my Craft life?  Plus, I can't come up with a clever title. I think that there is already a blog out there called "Purls of Wisdom." 

Anyway, it is winter, ergo I am knitting again.  I really like this Echo's Wedges Muffler from lucy:

I am experimenting with short rows to see if I can duplicate this scarf without a pattern. Even though it is sold out at lucy, I wouldn't pay $40 for it. Unfortunately, my experiments come out wavy and I can't get straight sides.  I need to tinker with the ratio of stitches and short rows to make a narrower wedge. It's times like these that I wish that I could afford the pattern software.

I would appreciate any suggestions on stitch to short-row ratio and color combinations.

Runner NYC said...
I can't help with knitting, but I do want to say that I love the logo! Hopefully, that's all behind you now and you're staying upright on the bike! :D

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Knitting is Taking Over Running

I am obsessed. Again. I am sitting here thinking about all the beautiful yarn at home, waiting for me. I can't concentrate at work. When I'm stressed out about my metalsmithing jewelry assignments, my mind wanders to my next knitting fantasy. Every chance I get, I'm searching for a project pattern or a stitch pattern. I can't wait until I can get my fingers ensconced in yarn and needles.

I am glad that I haven't donated my running shoes yet. I can use the stock insoles in the pair of slippers that I am knitting. The insoles are not dirty since I replaced them with SuperFeet. I get so excited when I can repurpose items into my knitting projects. Although I'm not a hoarder, I would rather recycle than add to the landfill.

I will be posting photos of my yarn stash soon. Maybe then my obsession will make more sense. Perhaps not.

Right now I am working on a berry stitch scarf. I thought it would match the beret I got from Urban Outfitters. I'll post photos later to illustrate my intent.

Kym Densel Brown
Yea!!! Welcome to my world!

Have you signed up for yet?
Posted by Kym on November 19, 2008 - Wednesday - 3:12 PM

Yes, I finally received my invitation to I love it, except that there are so many un-free patterns I want. ;)
Posted by PeteJustPete on November 24, 2008 - Monday - 8:42 AM 

Roxy 26.2
hey go you for recycling your insoles...that's awesome. okay now snap out of it & go for a run...only kidding.
Posted by Roxy 26.2 on November 19, 2008 - Wednesday - 3:24 PM

Wow, really? I never thought I'd hear that from you, lol! Maybe you can knit your own running shoes, hahahaha, or maybe even your own medal? :b
Posted by Arlene on January 3, 2009 - Saturday - 12:53 AM

Ooh! I like the idea of knitting a medal.
Posted by PeteJustPete on January 6, 2009 - Tuesday - 5:23 PM
Kym Densel Brown
Kym Densel Brown
Seems I have read this somewhere before. :)
November 19, 2008 at 3:15pm 
Abby Kesilman
I feel for you. I was a knitting fool a few years back but it caused me wrist issues. I am actually thinking of taking it back up!
November 20, 2008 at 6:47am